Richard Wang

Richard Wang joined DFJDragon Fund since 2011. Mr. Wang has over 25 years of business development, technical marketing and sales management in high technology space experiences. Prior to DFJDragon Fund, Richard served as QunZhong E-Commerce’s CEO. Prior to QunZhong E-Commerce, he founded OLEA Network with partners in Silicon Valley. The company research and develop wireless intelligent ECG senor by using the Doppler Radar technology. He is co-author of a RF design textbook for university, a popular speaker in conference/forum/events, also has several technical papers published in IEEE journal. Mr. Wang holds MSEE from National Chiao Tung University since 1995. Mr. Richard Wang has managed couple USD fund and RMB Fund which bring great return for investors. He is specialized in early stage technology startups as mentor and investor, right now he is interested at Artificial Intelligence Application and Fintech area especially in BlockChain sector, his portfolios including Yeepay, Senodia, NasoSic, Innodealing, Epticore, Hcash, Vechain, Redpulse, Primas, IHT, Kronos, OBEN, Penta, Fusion, IOTex, ODEM, Skrumble, QuarkChain, XREX, NUWA, Echoin, HumanProtocol, SaTT and WOM.

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