Fighting Fraud! How to Protect your Exchange Held Assets

9 December

About the Session

Exchange hacks aren’t the only type of fraudulent activity in the crypto industry that result in a financial loss. To shed some light on the problem of fraud-fighting and teach you how to keep your assets safe, we will be answering the following questions:

– What does the definition of "fraud" imply, and how different fraud types threaten the security of your assets?

– How can you identify fraud trading, and which steps can you take to prevent it?

– What should you pay attention to when choosing an exchange for trading?

– How might following AML/CTF and KYC Policy procedures help you mitigate serious security risks?

– How does transaction monitoring work, and how it protects you from being involved in illegal activities?

– Which other steps do exchanges take to guarantee the security of your funds?

– Why and how do traders benefit from strict regulations and why coming to the dark side of poorly regulated exchanges isn't a killer trading strategy in the long-term run?

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